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Hospital Police Association of California (HPAC)

Organized in 1980 in accordance with the start of State Employees Collective Bargaining under Governor Jerry Brown, our association represents the uniformed police officers employed by the Department of Developmental Services and the Department of Mental Health.

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State Expands Recruitment and Retention For DDS & DSH Officers


Violent Crimes Inside Napa State Hospital

CSLEA Pushes For Improvements For Hospital Police Officers

CSLEA and HPAC Meeting with HHS Agency Rescheduled For April 6, 2015

HHS Agency Presents Plan To Improve Law Enforcement in State Hospitals & Developmental Centers

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Pushes for Immediate Recruitment and RententionDifferential


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HPAC Board of Directors Meeting & Elections

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Atascadero State Hospital Police Officer Injured in Attack by Patient


HPAC Spotlight:

CSLEA Members Honored At MSH Officer Appreciation Day

Metropolitan State Hospital Police Officers Join Community For National Night Out

NORWALK - On Wednesday, August 5, 2015,  two California Statewide Law Enforcement Association  (CSLEA) and Hospital Police Association of California (HPAC) members from Metropolitan State Hospital (MSH) joined the City of Norwalk for its annual National Night Out event at the civic center.




Dec 14, 2014

Nov 18, 2014

Napa Valley Register Article: Napa State Union Protests Private Security Guards

DSH Issues Update to Law Enforcement Structure

Oct 25, 2014 Remembering a State Worker Killed by Mental Health Patient

Oct 23, 2014

CSLEA Presses CalHR for Recruitment & Retention Differentials

Oct 3, 2014 CSLEA Membership Event At Patton
Oct 1, 2014 Governor Signs Legislation To Improve Safety in California State Hospitals

CSLEA and HPAC Welcome New DSH Police Chief Kevin Hart

Suspension of Two Hospital Police Officers Revoked After Hearing With Executive Director

Two Atascadero State Hospital Police Officers Injured in Attack By Patients


CSLEA - DSH Joint Labor Management Task Force Meets

    In 1974, the Security Officers employed by the Department of Mental Hygiene and assigned to work at the then 11 State Hospitals were re-classified to that of Hospital Police Officers. In 1982 the Department of Developmental Services was created and their facilities were designated as Developmental Centers. These police officers received their police authority under the California Penal Code Section 830.4. This section has since been modified and is now 830.38 P.C.

     The Primary function of the Department of Mental Health Police Officers is the safety and protection of the mentally ill and/or criminally insane patients who are under the care of the state hospitals, the staff employed at their facilities and the community around these facilities. Hospital Police also provide the primary law enforcement duties at these facilities including the investigation of criminal activity arising in and around their facilities and making the necessary felony/misdemeanor arrests of perpetrators who have committed these offenses. The enforcement of all city, county, state and federal laws applicable at their facilities; enforcement of California Vehicle Code Laws; Fish & Game Laws; making traffic stops in accordance with the California Vehicle Code; issuing moving/parking citations to gain compliance with these laws (and in most cases, the use of radar is used in accordance with the law on these facilities as well); respond to burglar/hold-up alarms; first responders for bomb threats; response and enforcement of reports of domestic violence occurring on their facilities; serving court subpoenas and arrest warrants; serving state personnel job action papers; transportation of criminally committed patients to and from court, medical appearances, appointments in the community and between facilities; vehicular patrol in marked police vehicles; provide assistance to the local, state, federal law enforcement agencies; etc..

     The primary function of the Department of Developmental Services Police Officers is the same as those in the Department of Mental Health, with the exception that the primary persons protected in these facilities are developmentally (mentally and often physically) challenged. Therefore, these police officers routinely have less actual "custodial" roles at these facilities and are there primarily to provide general uniformed law enforcement duties like their counterparts in mental health. 

    There are approximately 270 police officers employed in the Department of Mental Health working at: ATASCADERO, COALINGA, METROPOLITAN, NAPA and PATTON State Hospitals. 

    There are approximately 220 police officers employed in the Department of Developmental Services working at AGNEWS, FAIRVIEW, LANTERMAN, PORTERVILLE, SONOMA, SIERRA VISTA and CANYON SPRINGS Development Centers. 

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